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Ostrich Feathers

Soft beautiful Ostrich Feathers are perfect to create stunning arrangements in the entertainment and special events industries. Our feathers are excellent for table centrepieces, costumes, masks, hats, showgirl headdress, art projects, crafts, floral arrangements, and bouquets. The fabulous Eiffel Tower Vase ostrich centrepieces are a speciality.

As feathers are a natural product, each feather will vary slightly in size and style.

These feathers have been high temperature disinfected.

We keep a good stock of black and white ostrich feathers. For colours other than black and white, we can dye feathers to order. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery for special orders.

** Bulk discount avaiable. The more you buy the more you save. ** We also sell Martini vases and fish bowls. There are not listed on our website. Please contact us to enquire.

Ostrich Feather Centerpiece Decorations
Ostrich Feather
Large, 30-35cm (12-14"): $3.15 USD
Extra Large 50-55cm (20-22"): $7.19 USD
How to Make an Eiffel Tower Ostrich Feather Centerpiece?
You need the below products:

First by deciding where you want the floral lights to hang in the vase , measure them on the outside of the vase , when you get the position right, take the strings and tight it around the handle of your bouquet holder.

Then pull on the tab to turn on the lights, once the lights are on, simple drop them inside the base along with the stem of the bouquet holder . Now pushing the feathers into the floral bouquet holder. Starting at the bottom pushing your feathers in and go all the way around the base.

Now take more feathers and push them into the middle of the stand at about a 90 degree angle to your base and just turn the stand as you go around.

Now take the remaining of the feathers and these are going into the top of the floral stand . these are what’s going to give you the height to the top of your centerpiece. There you have a feather top tower centerpiece.