Caring for water crystals

The water crystals are soft when expanded and may be damage if dropped or crushed, as illustrated below. Some care handling the crystals will reduce damage and increase their lifespan. Keep water crystals in a dry cool place.

Cleaning and re-hydrating water crystals

When the water crystals become dusty and dirty they may be washed in water to clean off the dirt. The water crystals will naturally shrink as the water evaporates or is drunk by plants with the top crystals typically shrinking the most. The water crystals may be restored many times by soaking them in water, and will expand to their original volume.

Disposal of water crystals

It is recommended that the water crystals be disposed of in the rubbish. Disposing of the crystals in drains may cause blockages. The polymer eventually degrades and ceases to function as a good water reservoir so it is not recommended to dispose of the water crystals in the garden.


Keep water crystals out of reach of children.  Do not swallow, if swallowed, DO NOT give liquids, seek medical advice immediately.

Wash hands after handling water crystals, we recommend wearing gloves if handling water crystals regularly. We do not recommend using water crystals in fish tanks.

Water crystals are slippery when wet. If spilled on the floor, clean up immediately, take care not to slip on them.

Discard the water used for soaking water crystals down the drain, clean any utensils that maybe used for consumption thoroughly.

Decorative Water Crystals

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