Water Crystal Expansion

The water crystal volume increases over 100 times when placed in water as water is absorbed. The growth of the crystals when placed in water is illustrated here by placing one dark green crystal in water and comparing it to a dry crystal and an increase in volume of 14100% is observed. The crystal grows quickly at first, increasing in volume by 1000% in 10 minutes, and it continues to grow quickly over next few hours increasing by 9300% after 2 hours. As the crystal reaches capacity the growth rate slows but there is some further absorption of water after 11 hours and the final expansion of 14100% was recorded. See also the expansion of a 5 gram packet of water crystals .

Water crystal expansion when placed in water

The water crystal volume expands over 100 times when they are placed in water creating a beautiful decoration and a water source for plant roots. The water gel expansion is illustrated below using two green water crystals, one is kept dry and used as a reference and the other is placed in water and the growth is regularly checked.

Rapid initial growth

The water crystal grows quickly in the first 10 minutes with the volume increasing ten times the dry volume, or 1000%. While expanding the shape can be irregular and the crystals appear fuzzy in water, but when completely expanded the crystals form nice spheres.

Growth continues for many hours

The water crystals continue to expand for many hours and after one hour the volume has increased by 5000% and after two hours the volume has increased 9300%. After two hours the shape is still irregular and more soaking is required.

Water crystal completely expanded after 11 hours

The water crystals expand to nice spheres was completely soaked. After eleven hours the water crystal volume has expanded by 14100%.