1. How do I know how much water crystals I need for decorations?

    Follow the steps below to help you determine the correct quantity to purchase:

    1. Measure the volume of the vase that you wish to fill, to do this fill the vase with water to the level you wish to fill it with water crystals;
    2. Pour the water into a measuring jar to find out the volume;
    3. You need one 5g packet for each 800 ml. For example if the volume from Step 2 is 2 litres (or 2000 ml), then you need 2.5 packets of 5g water crystals to fill the vase to the level you want (2000ml / 800ml = 2.5 packets). However always already a couple of packets more just in case.

  2. Do I need to create an account?

    No you don’t.  But by creating an account you can securely access your order history and store your personal details to save re-entering this information with each order. An organisation account may be accessed by multiple people, the order history is associated with the organisation account rather than a personal account.

  3. Are my personal details secure with you?

    Yes, we don’t share your personal information with anybody.  Please check our Privacy Statement.

  4. What shapes of water crystals do you have?

    There are three shapes: beads, cubes and granules.

  5. What’s the life span of water crystals?

    More than 12 months if handled with care.  Please see our care instructions for more information.

  6. How much does 5 grams of water crystals fill?

    A packet of 5 grams (0.18 ounces) decorative water crystals can fill over 750ml (0.74 quarts) when fully expanded.

  7. What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

    DecorativeWaterCrystals do not have a minimum order requirement for any of our products. You can purchase a single product or 1000 packets of water beads. We offer a great volume discount, the more you buy the cheaper the price!

  8. Could you please advise the postage to the USA?

    Postage varies depending on the type of service you require.  We offer regular mail, Express Post, Registered Post. When you place the order, and select your country, our ordering system will automatically calculate the postage for you.

  9. If I order today, when will you despatch my order?

    Orders are generally despatched within 1 business day after the payment is received.

  10. Do you sell to the public as well as shops and organisations?

    Yes, we do.  You can order as few or as many as you like.  We offer great volume discounts. Our website automatically calculates the volume discount for you.

  11. I am a wedding and event planner and was wondering if you have these water crystal is regular stock?

    Yes, we do.  We keep a good stock of all colours of water crystals.

  12. Do you send out sample packets?

    We get this request all the time and sorry to say that we don't send out samples packets any more. However you can always order a packet to sample for $2.5 plus postage.

  13. Do you have a print catalogue?

    No, we don't have a print catalogue. Our website is continually evolving and changing and we continually add new products and update our site regularly. All our products information are available on the product page on our website.

  14. How do I place an order?

    Step 1: Enter the quantities of the products you would like to order in the "Qty" box on the "Place Order Now" page;

    Step 2: Press "Enter" or click the button "Add Items To Shopping Card" at the bottom of this page to add them to your cart.

    Step 3: You will be able to change quantities, delivery option and confirm the price before making payment on the checkout page.