Glass Crystal Prisms

Superb quality Swarovski imitation real glass crystals, NOT acrylic plastic crystals. Made from highest quality material, our glass crystal prisms produce the type of **diamond-like sparkle and rainbows** that acrylic crystals cannot.


1. Crystal Glass Strands/Garland/Chains: 1 meter per strand.

The crystal beads are connected by silver rings and the rings can be easily removed just like removing a key from key ring to shorten or lengthen the length of the chain.

The crystal strands have continuous pattern with 14mm clear/transparent beads connected with silver rings. Silver ring is 12mm in diameter. Chains begin with link, ends with crystal.

Superb workmanship finely cut octagon shaped beads. Craftsmanship is immaculate.

2. Sparkling glass crystal ball: 30mm in diameter, 34mm in height. This stunning pendant is drilled at the top and would be ready for use with a bail added.

3. Sparkling crystal glass tear drop: 22mm x 38mm (height). This stunning pendant is drilled at the top and would be ready for use with a bail added.

4. Sparkling crystal glass icicle drop: 14mmx63mm (length). This stunning pendant is drilled at the top and would be ready for use with a bail added.

Endless Use:

  • Add a little bling to your wedding reception tables.
  • Add wonderful shimmer to your chandelier with our chandelier crystal prisms.
  • Create your own crystalize lighting fixtures with real glass crystal prisms.
  • Instantly rejuvenate old or antique lighting fixtures and add a touch of sparkle to ordinary home accents.
  • Our crystal beads, ornaments and prisms are perfect for arts & crafts, sun-catchers.
  • Try hanging a crystal prism as a Christmas tree ornament.
  • Create your own crystal wedding manzanita tree. Watch our crystals sparkle!
  • The glass crystal strands are designed to hang from candelabras, vases, willow, tree branches and floral arrangements or to make crystal curtains.

Loved by wedding and party planners. Use our dazzling glass crystals to dazzle everyone at the event. Your event is so important, it's worth it!

Crystal Glass Prisms
Glass crystal prism strand, 100cm(1 to 19) $11.99, (20 to 49) $10.39, 50+ $7.99 USD each.Qty: 
Glass crystal prism ball, 35mm$3.92 USDQty: 
Glass crystal prism tear drop, 22x38mm(1 to 9) $2.80, (10 to 19) $2.39, 20+ $2.00 USD each.Qty: 
Glass crystal icicle drop, 14x63mm(1 to 19) $2.39, 20+ $2.00 USD each.Qty: 

Superb Quality Real Glass Crystal Prisms

Why top event planners choose real GLASS crystal prisms, the answer is simple, they choose it for the high sparkle and elegance and they look high class.

Our superb glass crystal prisms are used in Shangri La, Hilton and a number of other five star hotels. They are used for chandeliers, crystal curtains, crystal trees, centerpieces etc.

The difference between acrylic and real glass crystals is simple, acrylic is simply plastic, acrylic crystals don’t shine like real glass crystals and they look even dull in pictures. Our high quality glass crystals look amazing even without the best lighting.

When decorating an important event such as wedding or any other affairs, you want the whole decoration to shine, to be amazing and fabulous, so make sure you use real glass crystals, not plastic acrylic crystals.