Battery Operated Wireless LED Light Candles

This battery operated LED tea light candles are extremely popular for weddings, parties and around home. They are great when open flame is not permitted.

Colors are: White, Yellow, Blue & Rainbow (the light changes colors between yellow, white, blue, red, green and pink. The lights can flicker between colors.

Batteries: One replaceable CR2032 or two CR2016 batteries power the lights for approx 72 hours.

Measurements: The diameter is approx 3.6cm and the height is approx. 4cm or 5cm.

Twisting the base turns them on or off. The light source is a safe, efficient and robust LED.

Why Use Our Battery Operated LED Light Candles?

Wax candles can be a fire danger! So here comes the revolutionary LED tea light candles. They are battery operated, flameless, light and easy to carry around, can be used indoors or outdoors.

The LED lights are sensational and are not a fire hazard. They are ideal for where OH&S issues are a concern. They provide great alternatives for a safe and fun enviornment.

Today especially when the climate is so dry and use of open flame is prohibited in some areas or functions, you will find so many uses with these colorful LED candles, you can still have lots of fun with candle crafting!

Many Uses:

Looking for the perfect wedding and event lighting for your table centerpieces, our popular battery operated LED lights are ideal for creating just what you want - an "WOW" lighting effect! You can use these candles at any functions or events where you would normally use a wax candle.

You can use them at weddings, parties, restaurants, hotels, churches, ourdoor settings, concerts, homes, and many more other functions and events where open flame is not permitted or for any other reasons that you just want to create amazing table decorations.

Combine our decorative water crystals with these LED lights/candels to create an unimaginable effects!

Benefits of LED Candles:

  • They are smoke free, flameless, safe.
  • They don't get hot from hours of burning.
  • They are convenient to use, no need for matches, with a twist of the wrist you can turn it on or off easily.
  • They are ideal for wedding centerpieces, party decorations, bars, night clubs, restaurants etc. where a romantic ambience atmosphere can be created.
  • They are wireless, reusable, low cost and perfect for illuminating floral arrangements table settings, ice sculptures and much more

Don't ever have to worry about candle fires, they are completely safe, they are not a fire hazard, you can leave them on if you doze off to sleep. Put them on the dinner table, kids will love them, they can play with them and have great fun with them.

The warm soft realistic flames create a romantic atmosphere and can bring great fun to any evening events.

Battery Operated LED Light Candles