Mini LED Floralytes/Floral Lights

These floralytes are very popular for lighting up Eiffel tower vases to create ostrich feather centerpieces and to light up flower arrangement.

Product Information:

Bright robust led light.

Colors: White (sold out), multi color rainbow (in stock), the color rotates between such as red, green, blue, white, pink, purple etc.

On/off function by pull/push tab.

Battery included. Battery life approx. 72hrs.

Size: 4.3cm long x 2.3cm wide x 1.2cm high

10 in a pack.

A black cord is attached to each light for hanging onto anything such as lantern, branches, inside Eiffel towers etc..

These floral lights are very popular for lighting up Eiffel Tower vases to create ostrich feather centerpieces. You can secure two floralytes together, measure the positions you want to place the lights inside the vases and just tie the black cord around the handle of your bouquet holder, then push the ostrich feathers into the bouquet holder to create the ostrich feather centerpieces, very easy and simple.

You can also place the mini lights within the flowers to brighten up the arrangements.

Endless uses!

Mini LED Floralytes
Color Multi Color Rainbow
Single: $2.99 AUD
Pack of 10: $25.99 AUD
Note: Only multi color rainbow LED lights are in stock. White lights in this category are sold out.

Mini LED floral lights, also called floralytes. These brand new LED lights are operated by inbuilt lithium batteries and are revolutionary in floral and event designs.

They come with a black cord so they can be hanged anywhere and everywhere. They are perfect for lighting up floral arrangements, table centrepieces, corsages, lanterns, art-work, costumes, etc. etc... You can hang as many as you want! They make sensational party favours!!!

Our lights have an on-off function! This lengthens the life of your lights as you can use them only when you need to, and make the most of the battery life.

While the lights are powered by batteries, they are disposable lights as batteries cannot be replaced.

Endless Uses!!!

Benefits of LED Floralytes:

  • They are smoke free, flameless, safe.
  • Emits no heat. They don't get hot from hours of burning.
  • They are convenient to use, no need for matches, just pull and push the tab to turn it on or off easily.
  • They are great gift ideas for friends and family members.
  • They are ideal for wedding centerpieces, party decorations, bars, night clubs, restaurants etc. where a romantic ambience atmosphere can be created.
  • They are wireless, low cost and perfect for illuminating floral arrangements table settings, ice sculptures and much more.