Extra Super Bright Water Submersible Dual LEDs Tea Lights

These sensational water submersible LED tea lights are waterproof, reusable, and wireless. They are perfect for table decorations, lighting up vases and any water-filled table centrepiece. With two LED lights in each unit, they are super bright and are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your guests! Term the water submersible LED tea lights with our water beads to create a "wow" factor!

Colors: Blue, White, Amber, Purple, Pink, multi-color & Red.

Batteries: Two replaceable CR2032 batteries (INCLUDED) power the lights for more than 72 hours. CR 2032 replacement batteries are also available on our website.

LED bulb: Dual LED bulbs (extra super bright). The light source is a safe, efficient and robust LED.

Measurements: 3cm in diameter and 2cm in height.

Instructions:Follow the arrows indicated at the bottom of the device, twisting the base to turn the submersible tea lights on or off. When batteries run flat, replace the 2 x CR2032 batteries with fresh ones. (With the positive polarity of the batteries facing the bottom of the device.) **We sell replacement batteries too!**

Water Submersible, Dual LEDs Tea Lights
ColorAmberBluePinkRedWhiteTeal (out of stock)
Single: $4.99 AUD
Packet of 10: (1 to 2) $30.99, 3+ $29.99 AUD each.

Why Use the Dual Submersible LED Tea Light?

Add a splash of shimmering light with Submersible Tea Lights. With two LED bulbs on each light they are super bright and will light up any events.

Enchant your guests with these waterproof tea lights!(also known as floralytes, flora lights and underwater LED lights) Just place Submersible Tea Light to illuminate fountains, in a vase under decorative water crystal beads/flower arrangements, in a fish bowl or any water-filled table centrepieces to create wonderful mood lighting outdoors or in. They are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your guests!

Combine our decorative water crystal beads with the LED tea lights to create a beautiful decorative effects!

Benefits of LED Tea Lights:

  • They are smoke free, flameless, safe.
  • They don't get hot from hours of burning. They are not a fire hazard.
  • They are convenient to use, no need for matches, with a twist of the wrist you can turn it on or off easily.
  • They are great gift ideas for friends and family members.
  • They can be used indoors or outdoors, inside or outside water.
  • They are ideal for wedding centrepieces, party decorations, bars, night clubs, and restaurants etc. where a romantic ambiance atmosphere can be created.
  • They are wireless, reusable, low cost and perfect for illuminating floral arrangements table settings, ice sculptures and much more…
We also sell Martini vases (50cms tall) and small fish bowls. There are not listed on our website. Please contact us to enquire.