About Water Crystal Granules

This is really an amazing product!

In its dry form, water crystal granules look like crushed ice. After expanding in water, the granules look like bubbles in its clear container or vase.

Water crystal granules can thicken the water so that you can distribute decoration objects throughout the water. For example if the wedding or party theme is "citrus fruit", you can distribute slices of lemon, orange or lime inside the vase and the fruit slices will not float to the top of the glass or vase, they will stay where you want them to stay.

You can also place water submersible lights in them and the effects are just wonderful.

And what about mixing granules with water beads or cubes to create another beautiful effect. Please visit our decoration ideas page to see some pictures.

The thickness of the water can be created by adding more or less water. It is recommended to add clean water gradually to the water crystal granules as they expand slowly as it is hard to remove excess water.

The decoration result - a simple "wow, it's so beautiful, I want to have that too!"

Water Crystal Granules Decorative Colors

Ferns complemented by water crystal blue granules
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White water beads suspended by white water crystal granules
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Layered water crystal granules complemented plants
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Water Crystal Granules
ColorYellowDark GreenPurplePinkClear
5 grams: $2.25 USD