Wedding Guest Book

Elegant wedding guest book features:

• Hard cover

• 48 double sided pages

• 20cm x 14cm (7.87”x 5.5”)

• Silver thread embroidered “Guest Book”

• Two silver hearts adorn the front page

• Ivory color

Wedding Guest Book
Pricing: $15.90 USD
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This wedding guest book is elegant and will make your special day a lasting memory for years to come.

It can be challenging to spend some time with each of your guests on your special day, this guest book can be passed around at the reception to fill in the gaps and guests can record their favourite thoughts about you.

To make sure no guest is missing out on your guest book, alternate a couple of trusted friend to stand near the book and ask each guest to sign as they arrive at the party preferably penning special sentiments.

You can bring the guest book to the rehearsal dinner party if you are having one so that your close friends, family members have more time to sign and write some fun thoughts about you.

This wedding guest book is great in helping you remember who came to your wedding and organize your thank-you notes after the wedding. Years later, when you open the book, you can relive that wonderful moment and that familiar handwriting would probably bring some smiles to your face as you recognise it is from one of your best friends.

Preserve special memories in this beautiful keepsake!